Sign up for our Weather course that starts Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The USPS Weather Course is a rare offering and is not likely to be offered again in the near future. This year the course is sponsored by four squadrons: Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk and Stamford. Space is limited, so sign up now before the course is full. Click the link below.

For boaters, knowing the forecast isn’t enough; you need to understand its impact on you and your boat. The Weather Course will make you a keener observer of the weather and allow you to put your observations in the context of basic principles of meteorology. You’ll learn how weather systems form, behave, move, and interact with one another. The course also reflects the availability of all sorts of weather reports and forecasts on the Internet.

Each student receives:

  • a Weather Manual - USPS Weather - an explanatory text with full color photographs and drawings covering weather in the United States and its coastal and inland waters;
  • a set of three Daily Weather Maps - learning aids with a compete explanation of map symbols designed to develop weather map reading and analysis skills; and
  • NOAA’s Sky Watcher Chart - a reference to assist in identifying cloud types - helpful indicators of approaching weather.

NOAA and the National Weather Service have recognized the major contribution that USPS makes in weather education for recreational boaters. Be a responsible skipper, protect your friends and family and take the Weather course today.

The cost of the course is $80.00 for members of DSPS and neighboring USPS squadrons and $180 for non-members.

To register or for more information, click here: